The PMN Social Rewards Network is a revolutionary new way for social media users, experts and small businesses to:

  • Share content on social media;
  • Promote themselves, content and, or brands using self-replicating digital billboards;
  • Earn lifetime residual income;
  • Access amazing speaking, mentorship, networking, funding and joint venture opportunities. 

Our technology is ideal for anyone with a social media account and access to the Internet as well as business members that wish to enhance the success of:

  • Online contests & candidate searches;
  • Product launches & crowd funding campaigns;
  • Event & content promotion (book, video & music);
  • Special offer or coupon distribution campaigns;
  • Or virtually any initiative you promote online.

Join our network and leverage our DIY cloud-based service, upgrade your website with our self-installing plugins or, build a new website to:

arrow right     Reward your website visitors for their support
arrow right     Recruit social influencers & sales agents
arrow right     Transform social media posts into self-replicating digital billboards
arrow right     Spread your message faster, online
arrow right     Reward your followers for spreading your message
arrow right     Build self-replicating fan & donor networks
arrow right     Create unlimited viral online contests
arrow right     Distribute unlimited special offer announcements & news releases
arrow right     Monitor social media engagements
arrow right     Generate powerful social media reports
arrow right     Clone yourself & make more money
arrow right     Enhance online popularity & generate media publicity
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