About The Pamper Me Network
The Pamper Me Network (PMN) is a social rewards software marketing company. We develop social rewards technology for individuals, agencies and their clients, frustrated by the amount of time they spend on social media networks building fan networks and sharing content, without compensation. Our solutions make social networking an entertaining, profitable and rewarding experience.
Get Better Results With Self-Replicating Online Contests

Self-Replicating Online Contests are powerful, viral online promotions designed specifically to help online marketers to engage hundreds, thousands or even millions of Internet users to spread their message. The technology is ideal for any type of promotion, product launches, events, candidate searches or crowd funding campaigns. Click here to learn more and activate your promotion.

How To Begin Using Social Rewards Technology?
PMN specializes in helping small business owners, executives & experts to transform their social media posts into self-replicating digital billboards, recruit and reward social influencers like YOU to spread their messages.

Click here to add your content, bio, events or special offers.
How To Make Money With The Social Rewards Network?

The PMN Social Rewards Network is like Air Miles or your favourite frequent buyer program; however, instead of rewarding members with points for their purchases, we reward licensed users with cash, jobs and prizes for sharing content and, or building their fan network.

As a member you earn lifetime residual income from:

  • Software licenses;
  • Content sales revenue sharing;
  • E-commerce & consulting revenue share;
  • Advertising revenue share.
How To Load Your Content In Digital Billboards?
Simply create an account and login. Once you have logged in you will be presented with menu options in the "left module position" when you click "Begin Here" menu. You can also select the burger icon in the top left corner to load the drop down menu. Select the tasks you wish to complete and follow the online instructions to begin populating our digital billboards with your content or special offer announcements.
What Makes PMN Digital Billboards Unique?
PMN Digital billboards make it easy for you to transform your social media followers into self-replicating virtual sales people and reward them to spread your message(s), forever. Use digital billboards to promote yourself or business, accomplish more online and make more money. Our technology doesnt replace your favourite social media network it enhances the relationship by giving all stakeholders a compelling reason to socialize.
Can Digital Billboards Help You Grow Your Business?
Yes. Absolutely. Digital Billboards are designed to help you supercharge your online promotions by giving your followers a compelling reason to share your message. Every person that clicks, shares or responds to your offer(s) is a potential sales agent, social ambassador, donor or customer. Work together with your supporters to succeed in life and business.
How To Run Social Rewards Tech On Your Website?
Social Rewards technology is available as a webservice, self-installing Joomla plugins or a complete bundled Content Management System. This means that you can reduce cost by running your campaigns on PMN or take over the entire marketing, reporting and payment processing by running campaigns on websites you or your clients control. Click here to find out which option is most appropriate for your expert business, or your clients.
How Are Digital Billboards Shared Online?
How Are Your Followers Rewarded For Their Support?
Use social rewards technology to reward supporters who are engaging with digital billboards with cash, prizes or jobs. You can establish your own rewards or outsource the entire process to the Pamper Me Network (like a traditional affiliate marketing or loyalty management company).
Rewards For Visiting vs Rewards For Sharing
Social rewards technology can be used to reward users for visiting your website, sharing your content or building your fan network. We recommend using all three methodologies in conjunction to exact the greatest value from your online marketing activities.
Can You See Followers That Engage With Digital Billboards?
Yes. You can use social rewards technology to build your personal fan network and collaborate with your supporters to change lives and save lives. When followers engage you can login to your Social Rewards dashboard to monitor real-time response to an infinite level.

How To Expand Your Personal Network With The Pamper Me Network?
The success of your Social Rewards campaign is restricted by the size of your social media following. To help you enhance your ability to succeed the Pamper Me Network is constantly connecting to new databases to help you expand your global reach. Click here to learn more and contact a Business Consultant to upgrade your membership package.
Can You Customize Social Rewards Reports?

Yes. Absolutely. Social Rewards technology comes with built in reports. However, we can customize your dashboard to support your specific needs or the needs of your clients. Take advantage of our standard reports and analytics or request a custom build. Click here to request more information.