We understand that you are a Design & Joomla expert; however, we are the specialists at setting up social rewards powered websites, crowd funding campaigns, contests and product launches. Social rewards technology is not just about updating your website with a new user reward component. Success is determined by:

  • Landing-pages you design;
  • Compelling content you prepare and encourage others to share;
  • How you apply the technology to reward users, share content and build fan networks;
  • Joomla components and plugins you activate & customize (what looks good on one website may not look good on another);
  • And most of all the rewards you offer.

It doesnt hurt to ask for help or retain a certified AUP / Social Rewards Web Designer to set-up your website, correctly. It will save you lots of time, money and frustration and get the most out of social rewards technology.

In addition, we are constantly updating our "Do-It-Yourself" Centre with:

  • Free and affordable ebooks, podcasts and instructional videos of successful implementations;
  • Examples of businesses using social rewards technology (to promote events, crowd funding campaigns, music, books, products, etc);
  • Installation documentation;
  • Great offers to add on your own website and share;
  • Amazing web designers that can help you;
  • Developer API documentation;
  • And so much more.