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Toronto Artist @AriaZenua Creating Great Music And Changing The World With Conscious Lyrics

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Aria Zenua will not fit into your box. The Toronto-based singer-songwriter has a musical sound that refuses to be categorized, and an aura of singular self-possession and assurance makes it very hard to describe her as an “emerging” artist. She’s not so much emerging as bursting through, with a freshness, vitality and talent that stands out, even in a city like Toronto where you and I all know someone who is an aspiring musician.

Her music is as much a fusion as she herself is. From a Jamaican mother and a Scottish father whose combined musical tastes ranged from country to Brit pop to blues rock to everything in between comes her own unique, genre-less sound that melds together flavours of ska, reggae, soul, blues, and acoustic fire.

Living in a day in age where music is computed tweaked and perfected Aria's rawness sets her apart and it is what landed her an opportunity in 2008 to sing overseas for a year in Hong Kong performing six nights a week.

Upon arrival back to her home city not only did she continue to travel but she began flooding the local Toronto scene getting involved in as many festivals as possible. Some of which include Toronto's Manifesto Festival, Irie Festival as well as 2010 NXNE, the all female showcase Honey Jam and more recently the Tall Ships Festival.

Staying true to her eclectic roots Aria's EP is soon to be released with music that swings from mellow soul to the hand-clapping, hip-swaying funk of the song “You’re All I Need” and the single "Trippin"

Outside of her original music she also plays the role of Diana Ross in a Supremes Tribute band, does Back up and lead vocals in an Michael Jackson and Motown band and is part of an all female collective called the Womyn of Indigo. Stay tuned.

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